our line up

Every day is a journey that needs water. Whatever your lifestyle is like, we’ve developed a wide range of bottles and gallons in different sizes, to suit your habits and help you stay hydrated.


if you must

Our glass range – keeping our water crystal clear

Our aim is to ensure that our water is great for you and great for our planet; that’s why we pioneered the first glass bottles and gallons in Lebanon. Not only does our lead-free and food-grade glass preserve the purity and freshness of water by preventing anything from contaminating it; it’s also recyclable, reusable and more ecofriendly than plastic. Our empty glass bottles are also 35% lighter than other products in the market.

Glass gallons – A first 

Whether it’s for your home or the office, glass gallons keep contaminants out of your water over a long period of time.  We’ve introduced glass, so you can always make the better choice for your health and the environment.

Backing your health with user-friendly coolers

Water that’s good for you shouldn’t hurt your back. That’s why we deliver our water in bottom-load coolers that completely eliminate the need for heavy lifting. Our glass gallons come encased in reinforced baskets for added protection. This also makes handling and sliding them into coolers easier for you.


Plastic…if you must

While it’s true that our range of plastic gallons is food and beverage grade, which makes it healthier for you than other plastics, glass is always the better choice for you and the environment.

Our 6 L and 10 L gallons are made of PET and are nonreturnable, whereas our 11 L and 19 L polycarbonate gallons can be returned to our representatives for refilling at our plant.