Founded in 2009, Talaya began distribution in July 2012 after perfecting its touchfree bottling technique and gaining all necessary governmental certifications, approvals, and licensing for manufacturing, distributing, and consuming Talaya water.

For the first time in Lebanon, Talaya introduced a Glass Gallon lineup to the market along with its First Glass Bottle lineup.

Talaya takes pride in the Quality of its Water and its Exceptional Service. It bottles the cleanest, purest, freshest water in the country.

When Talaya sets out to bottle its water, it makes sure the water is bottled with the utmost attention to purity. Perfection is Talaya’s goal.



Talaya believes in its responsibility towards those who drink its water. In embracing that truth, Talaya aims to propel its products and services’ quality into new heights. Talaya believes everyone deserves to drink Healthy and Clean Mineral Fresh Water. Everyone deserves Talaya!

Being the premier water company implicates constantly exceling in the categories Consumer Value, Customer Service, Employee Talent, and Consistent and Predictable Growth. Talaya aims to be Lebanon’s premier water company, offering pure, clean, bottled mineral water to all.