Modern Production Plant
Talaya is pure mountain water bottled at the highest bottling point in Lebanon. Our water is bottled with state of the art equipment in accordance with ISO 22000 quality standards.

At Talaya we are committed to do whatever needs to be done in our pursuit of perfection hence the launch of the glass lineup. Talaya’s advanced methods and procedures qualified for proper government licensing and opened the door towards gaining favorable consumer trust, optimal product value, and consistent growth. Talaya water is proudly bottled at our plant in Tarchich, where our bottling line minimizes human contact with the container filling procedure. Everyone deserves to drink clean and healthy mineral water; everyone deserves Talaya.
Hygiene is our Top priority
Therefore; we take the time to conduct a final inspection on the filled bottle through the support of a visual inspection lamp in order to verify that:
* No foreign bodies are present inside the bottle,
* The bottle is perfectly capped,
* The level of the water in the bottle has been respected,
* The label is present and in good condition,
* The code has been printed on the bottle,
* The sleeve has been applied.

Prewash - Detergent - First Rinse - Sanitizing - Second Rinse - Final Rinse

The bottle is sent to our distribution center, only when all these conditions are satisfied.