our commitment

talaya® and your health

Because your health comes before everything else, we use glass bottles and gallons, to make sure the water you’re drinking stays fresh. talaya® water is licensed by the Lebanese Ministry of Public Health, under decree number 7712 dated 12/3/2012 as per decree law 108/83. We maintain the strictest health standards when producing our celebrated water.

Taking quality to the peak

At talaya®, we’re committed to the highest standards of quality and transparency. From introducing glass bottles that keep water fresher for longer, to implementing an advanced system that minimizes human contact and carries out every production stage to high standards, we look out for your good, every step of the way. Our processes also proudly meet the international quality standard ISO 22000. For you, this means you get to enjoy first-class water purity in every bottle.

Our vision

To be Lebanon’s premier mineral water company, offering pure, clean drinking water to all. To deliver excellent consumer value and customer service and be distinguished by the talent of our employees. To show consistent company growth that’s in harmony with our values: promoting the wellbeing of our consumers, our community and our environment.

talaya® for a healthier and more sustainable planet

Our commitment to being environmentally-friendly runs deep within our organization. Wherever we see the opportunity to choose a greener option or introduce a more sustainable policy, we take it.

Since small, single-serve mineral water bottles are more likely to be thrown away without recycling, we were the first to introduce the reusable 1L glass bottle and the 15L glass gallon in the Middle East. All our gallon containers are sterilized and refilled to keep them out of landfills.

We are also increasing the solar and wind power generation systems at our sites to contribute to a clean, pollution-free country.