Our Story

The talaya® story started in 2009, when we set out to capture the cleanest, purest and freshest mountain water in all of Lebanon; water fit for a healthy body, mind and spirit. We began by sourcing our water from our pristine, snow-capped peaks, where it’s pure, and we aimed to keep it that way.

We built the highest bottling plant in Lebanon at Tarshish, using state-of-the-art-equipment, because the sooner water is bottled, the purer it stays. Then we began distribution in 2012, only after perfecting our touch-free bottling technique.

For the first time in Lebanon, we introduced glass gallons to the local market in 2016. Since then, our advanced processes and commitment to quality have continued to inspire our consumers’ trust, with consistent growth over the years.

We believe that everyone deserves to drink clean and healthy mineral water. With talaya®, we honor that ideal every day, because our water starts natural and stays natural, all the way to you.