Our water

Our Source

talaya®'s pure mountain water flows from one of the highest peaks in Lebanon, nourished by the snowmelt of the Sannine Plateau. Crisp and clear, we don’t let it go far, bottling it at our state-of-the-art plant in Tarshish, set at an altitude of 1,735 m.

What’s in talaya® Water?

Perfectly balanced by nature, talaya®  is low in sodium and rich in magnesium. This pure natural water is bottled with the most advanced equipment, in accordance with  ISO 22000 and the standards for public health set by the Lebanese Government. You can rest assured that the premium water inside your bottle is as fresh as the water at the source.

Key attributes of talaya® water

• Bottled at 1,735 m
• Low in Sodium
• Magnesium 26 mg/Liter

Mineral Composition mg/Liter
Calcium47. 8
Total Dissolved Solids220.0
PH7. 5

water is life

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